25 Gluten Free Easter Recipes

25 gluten free Easter recipes, perfect for spring! You can mix and match to create the perfect gluten free Easter menu that everyone can enjoy.

From start to finish you can serve up some easy gluten free appetizers and finger food to get the party started, then choose your favorite Easter main dish and pair with a variety of gluten free side dishes.

Unsure what to make for the perfect Easter dessert? This roundup has great gluten free Easter dessert options to choose from for any palate! From mini cheesecakes, to classic Italian Easter cake and spring pie recipes, we’ve got you covered!

Gluten Free Appetizers for Easter

Keep your Easter appetizers quick and easy, not to mention gluten free, with traditional deviled eggs, salmon cucumber bites, or some easy and delicious dips to pair with your favorite veggies and gluten free crackers!

Gluten Free Main Dishes for Easter

These gluten free main dish recipes for Easter give you options to choose from a traditional ham, to leg of lamb, roast chicken or pork loin, and even a vegetarian grilled salmon recipe. Choose to mix things up with a fun lamb korma recipe to try something new!

Gluten Free Side Dishes for Easter

These gluten free side dishes are perfect for Easter, featuring a great mix of flavor packed veggie sides as well as some great potato options and a delicious corn soufflé! Mix and match your favorite Easter side dishes for everyone to pick and choose from. Be sure to let me know which ones were your favorite!

Still looking for the perfect bread to pair with it? Find a great option from the Top 10 Gluten Free Easter Breads roundup!

Gluten Free Easter Desserts

This list of gluten free Easter desserts bring a nice variety of options, from gluten free cheesecakes, to easy spring citrus pies. Featuring a gluten free Italian Easter Cake, and a Paleo carrot cake option, mix and match a few dessert options as desired!

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