Lemon Ricotta Filled Crepes

Lemon Ricotta Filled Crepes are a favorite weekend breakfast in our house. Smooth and creamy, counter-balanced with bursts of lemon flavor and topped with your favorite summer berries. Though surprisingly simple, these easy blintzes feel like an elegant treat!  

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Gluten Free Cinnamon Scones

These gluten free cinnamon scones are light and fluffy and bursting with pockets of cinnamon flavor. Perfect for a weekend morning or afternoon treat with your coffee.

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Simple Shakshuka

This traditional and simple Shakshuka recipe is the perfect breakfast to break out of the mold a bit, invite a couple friends over and turn it into brunch. 

Weekends make for the perfect opportunity to up your breakfast game and experiment a little bit. I had never even heard of Shakshuka (also spelled Shakshouka) until a couple years ago when a friend served it while our family was staying over, and ever since then I have been in love!

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